What do you wear on an airplane?

So, you just realized that you have NO IDEA what you want to wear while traveling. First thought, VS Pink yoga pants, a hoodie and some flippity floppies obviously. I mean, that is what you wore every year throughout college when you flew to PCB for spring break, right? Keywords here: college & spring break. You are not on your way to spring break nor are you still in college (you might still be, I don’t know). Either way, you are probably old and shouldn’t be in public wearing yogis and a hoodie. Especially on a transatlantic flight. What if you sit next to a beautiful foreign man and you look like a bum? He definitely will scratch his romantic “go to” Spanish first date from the list of things he wants to talk to you about. So that romantic “go to” Spanish first date of a stroll through the Reitro and then a picnic of napolitanas de jamón y queso is totally out of the question for you Miss. VS yogis, a hoodie and flip flops. Just sayin’. 

Now that we have decided yogis, a hoodie and flip flips are out of the question, what am I allowed to wear? What is this? Prison? No dear, this is real life where you have to wear real people clothes while in public. Shucks. It’s okay though because I am here to give you some reasonable options for airplane attire! For me, simple dresses are the way to go.

Things you want to think about when choosing an outfit:

1. Comfortable?
2. Practical?
3. Will my outfit get REALLY wrinkled?
4. Can I layer? (AIRPLANES ARE SO COLD!)

Things you want to think about when choosing your shoes:

1. Comfortable?
2. Easy off/on?

Mariclare of Sunflowers in Spain found a fabulous summer outfit for her viaje a Sevilla and it meets all of the criteria, check it out:
Cute shirt


So, you love Mariclare’s outfit but you are thinking, hey, a dress could work too. BUT, what kind of dress do I wear on an airplane? A maxi dress? A sun dress? There are SO many options and the criteria for choosing a dress is a bit different than the criteria for choosing a pants and shirt combo. So, let’s think about this whole wearing a dress thing. This isn’t like, la di da, I am just gonna wear that maxi dress that I wore to Lalapalooza because I looked cute in a hippie sort of way and I was super comfy, plus, in that maxi dress you totally couldn’t see my beer belly even after the whole case was gone! #winning. False. Maxi dress is not the look you are going for, again, you aren’t flying to Florida. So, a summer dress? Nope. Sorry. Summer dresses show off a lot of leg and usually cleavage too. Really, anything with spaghetti straps is out of the question because with spaghetti straps comes cleavage! So now I just killed your hopes and dreams and you really have to resort to your yogis and a hoodie. Let’s try a little harder when considering dresses.

Things you want to think about if choosing a dress:

1. Can someone see my vagina if I bend over?
2. Can someone see my nipples if I bend over?
3. Too much cleavage?
4. Do you have to accessorize?
5. Does it wrinkle?

Summer Airplane Dress:

So, all things considered. Here is the dress I am wearing. It has a belt made of fabric that I won’t have to take off at security. It is comfy and there is no cleavage. It is about 3 inches from my knee, so I think it’s a pretty good length, I wouldn’t hate it if I had a longer dress but it’s fine. One thing about my dress is that I am anticipating wrinkles! It seems to be the same material as the dress I wore before so the wrinkling shouldn’t be too bad but I will let you know! I also threw in a pair of COMFORTABLE (a.k.a NOT TOTALLY FLAT TO THE GROUND) sandals and a pair of earrings. (Most earrings don’t have to come off through security and I love earrings so, why not?)
Cardigan (not pictured, in carry-on)


Winter Airplane Dress:

I flew out in December, which meant that it was COLD in Chicago and in Madrid. This dress was great for layering, meaning that I definitely added a cardigan, winter coat and leggings. Then, since I only brought a carry-on, I didn’t feel guilty about the fact that I would only be wearing this dress on Christmas and in the airplane. The one picture I have where you can see the outfit from head to toe is on Thanksgiving. Here it is. Woah, wait, did she just say she had a picture from Thanksgiving wearing that outfit? BUT she wore the dress on Christmas in Spain? Wearing the same outfit for Thanksgiving and Christmas, fashion faux pas. Oops. Get at me fashion police! 

Plane outfit
Katelan (L) & Courtney (R)

Dress (Keep it SIMPLE, ex. you don’t want a belt that you will have to remove when going through security!)
Winter coat (not pictured)

Final thoughts

Dress for comfort and cold! I will also have whatever I put in my carry-on bag to throw over me to keep me warm in the plane. No matter how warm I dress, I ALWAYS am in need of a spare sweater (even if it is just to be used as a make shift pillow!). I hope this helps and buen viaje!


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