What does that even mean?

So, being that everyone here speaks Spanish, sometimes things are hard for me to understand. Ha. Ha. Ok, seriously though. I know some Spanish but there are SOO many words that they just don’t teach you in Spanish Literature classes. Let me take you through a few words that I have heard a lot lately. For some reason, most of my notable words began with “P”, so I figured, why not make a theme of it?

“P” words of Madrid

1. Piojos = Lice

Lice. I am not including a picture because, ew, gross. So, I found out that apparently the whole lice thing in Spain is very common among school age kids and at summer camps (I would like to personally thank the director of the camp I went to for checking all the kids for lice while on the bus on the way to camp, thus I never got lice at summer camp). I think lice is kind of  common in the states too but not to the extent it is here. Parents in Spain are very relaxed about it too, the kids can be at school if they have lice. In the states the kids can only go back to school once the lice has been treated. Here’s the great thing, I moved into my apartment as an au pair and wasn’t told the kids had lice until two weeks in…just feel like it would have been nice to know. No, I didn’t get lice, but that didn’t make me any less afraid! Either way, be cautious of the kids, especially in summer months!

2. Puta/Prostituta = Prostitute

News article about prostitutes
News article about prostitutes

Well, this one is easy enough. There are always things on TV about prostitutes. Prostitutes can stand in the streets (even mostly naked!) and that’s totally fine. The only time they get in trouble is if they are caught having sex. In Sol, the center of Madrid, there is a street where prostitutes are lined up, at trees, on steps, against walls. Everywhere. Everyone just walks past casually, it’s cool. They are just doing their job.

3. (Hacer una) Pirula = Bad driving

Una pirula.
Una pirula.

The context that I learned this word in was while driving in the car, let’s just say driving through the streets of Madrid gets your heart pounding a little more than it would driving through most cities in the Midwest! As we were driving one of my friends said something in Spanish with the word pirula, basically “hacer una pirula”, so being that colloquial phrases are over my head most of the time, I was lost. They then explained to me that things such as backing up while in the middle of driving or ‘lightly’ bumping other cars is “hacer una pirula”…interesting, very interesting. Also, a pirula can refer to a type of drug.

4. Pesada = Boring (kind of)

A chica pesada is a girl that talks a lot but no one wants to hear her. Never stops. Nothing interesting or relevant to say. This is a rough definition but I think you get the idea.

5. Piropo = Cat calling

“waapppaaaa”, “holaaaa! rubitaaaa”, etc, etc. If you find yourself walking down the streets of Spain you may here things like this from guys. They might even throw in a whistle for you (If you are lucky, haha!). It’s all fun and games and really weird and definitely should be ignored. 

6. Polla = Penis

Sorry, no picture of this one. However, I try not to say polla or pollo for fear I might mix them up. Things could get dangerous here. I definitely don’t want to ask the guy at the carnicería for polla…#awkward

7. Palillo = Toothpick

All these tapas, to be eaten with pallilos!
All these tapas, to be eaten with pallilos!

With amazing tapas, comes toothpicks. Enjoy! Also, this place gave an unbelievable amount of great tapas (Madrid isn’t failing me in the tapas department as much as I had anticipated). Maybe if you are my friend I will show you where this place is. New friends? Anyone? lol.

8. Partido = Game (Soccer game of Atletico de Madrid to be exact)

Partido del Atleti
Partido del Atleti

I went to a fútbol game. It was really fun (surprisingly)! Being that tailgating usually gets the best of me, I rarely actually watch sporting events. However, I was completely sober for this event and talk about overwhelming! Songs, shouting, people falling down stairs, a guy throwing up, oh and of course there was a soccer game happening in the background (Atletico de Madrid vs. Osasuna)…Atleti won, then later that week they beat Real Madrid. I heard people singing the Atleti songs in the streets the entire night after they won against Real Madrid. I guess it was a big deal? Congrats to Atleti #ilovesports

9. Pepe el Guarro = An awesome (but a bit overpriced) bar/restaurant

Alitas de Pollo
Alitas de Pollo

Here is one place that has awesome chicken wings and awesome service. The wings are a bit salty but delicious. The atmosphere is great too. It’s more expensive than I prefer but hey, I like chicken wings and beer and so do you, it’s definitely a place to go (it will be packed during nights of big soccer games, be warned!)

Hope these “P” words will help you with your adventures in Madrid. Enjoy!


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