Festival of Nations

Sevilla, Spain: 19 Sept 2013- 3 Nov 2013



If you are planning on taking a trip to Sevilla sometime soon, I suggest checking out the Festival de las Naciones!

Upon arrival we saw a blow up slide in the shape of the sinking Titanic as well as a bouncy house. When anything includes a blow up slide in the shape of the sinking Titanic, I really think that nothing will go wrong.

Titanic in Sevilla?
Titanic in Sevilla?

The festival wasn’t very big but it did have trinkets from all over the “world”.

Ok, I hate to be a skeptic (no I don’t) but these truly were just Spaniards selling trinkets that were probably made in China…or wherever Spain gets its mass produced trinkets. Maybe the guy selling the Moroccan things was actually from Morocco but he may be the only guy selling things that were actually produced in the country they claim. However, let’s be honest, I don’t care where the trinkets came from because, hey, bitches love trinkets.


IMG_0165 IMG_0167 IMG_0196

In addition to trinkets, there was food. What do bitches love more than trinkets? Food.

There was a Musical creperie…the crepes were fantastic but I think it was just because the workers were so happy to be making crepes.

French Crepes
French Crepes
Crepe makers
Creperie Menu
At last, a delicious chocolate crepe
At last, a delicious chocolate crepe

We also got some Russian beer! Amazing.


Not to mention there was some U.S.A stereotyping thrown in, which is always fun. ‘merica.


BBQ, hamburgers, chicken nuggets and french fries? Hell yeah. I had already had a crepe so I didn’t get to sample the American meal. They had a BBQ cooking, no, it didn’t smell like a real BBQ or look that great but they tried and that’s all that matters, so I’ll take it.

All in all, this festival was really cool and it was so fun wandering the world in search of different foods and trinkets! If you get to Sevilla in the next couple weeks, you will have to do this and let me know if you try the “American” food!


2 thoughts on “Festival de las Naciones

  1. Come April you have to attend La Feria de los Pueblos in Fuengirola. It is truly an International festival, you will love it. Each country has it’s own casita with traditional food, drinks, dancing and music. Although the USA casita could use a bit of updating( I think the youngest member was 80) it is still a blast.


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