That fateful day

Holi Run Madrid

5 km de fiesta en los que disfrutar, correr, bailar y sobre todo empaparte del sentimiento Holi.

Date: October 19, 2013
Start time: 11:00…ish
Location: Parque Juan Carlos I…but not really
Distance: 5k…+ however far it was from the metro (REALLY far)


So, I first will tell you I have no idea what or why it’s called the Holi Run because first, no one ran and second, I don’t know what “Holi” means. However, it was amazing! People everywhere, dancing, walking, throwing color, tutus, wigs, rainbows…if I had to imagine what a rainbow would look like in human form, this was it. Rainbow people. Done.

Let’s take a second to talk about the location part of the Holi Run

Parque Juan Carlos I? Not so much. The actual location was about a 25 minute walk from the closest metro and from the park itself. It may have been faster without the herd of people, who knows.

Walking from the Metro to the race.
The distance to and from the Metro was longer than the race itself.

Finally, we made it to the start, let the fun and games begin!

Finally made it!
Ready to race!

People were everywhere. Covered in color dust. Taking photos, throwing color dust, chanting things in Spanish that I couldn’t understand…amazing!

Let’s talk about the “run” part of the Holi Run

It could be that all the actual runners started at 11:00 (the start time of the race) and my friends and I, along with thousands of others were still walking in the direction of the race when the clock hit 11:00 am. However, did anyone care that they were still a 25 minute walk from the starting point when the race was supposed to start? No, not at all. For those of use that were walking from the metro around 11, our race started at 11:30 or was it 12:00…either way. We didn’t run and neither did anyone else for that matter and it was great! We just wandered from color station to color station, chatting, taking photos and admiring the interesting outfits!


Color stations, who hates neon colors? Nobody, that’s who.


Green Station








…in the midst of all the chaos…a little girl playing in the blue dust


…and some guys who liked to yell “foto! foto!”…

Foto! Foto!




No color run is complete without guys in tutus

At last, we made it to the finish line…not that I saw an actual finish line, but it’s cool…it’s not like I was hoping that somehow we miraculously finished this 5k in record time #imlying #iwantedamedal.




So, we made it. Through the rainbow of people and to the finish. It only took about two and a half hours, but we made it! What an experience! I would definitely do it again! 

Did you do the Holi Run in Madrid? How does it compare to color runs in the US? Also, if you are in any group photos, contact me and I will send you the unedited original of the photo!


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