You want to stay at a hostel while in Barcelona? I did!

Try the Alternative Creative Youth Home.

Yes, the name of the hostel almost made me a little bit nervous. Does it make you nervous too?

Let’s be honest, the words “alternative and creative” mixed with “youth home” makes me think of 17 and 18 year olds partying. Plus, my sister who has never stayed at a hostel before was pretty sure we were staying at a center for troubled adolescents. Apparently we don’t get out much.

However, the price was right so I went on and read the reviews on Hostel World.

The reviews were phenomenal and the hostel lived up to the reviews.Let me share with you some highlights of the hostel.

It is very easy to find

We took the Aerobus from the airport to Plaza Catalunya (The last stop on the Aerobus). The bus dropped us off at the plaza and the street “Ronda Universitat” across the plaza to the right. Basically if you could walk through the two fountains from the bus you would arrive to Ronda Universitat. If you find yourself in the center of the plaza (because hey, you just arrived to Barcelona and Plaza Catalunya looks like a perfect photo op), situate yourself facing the two big fountains, with El Corte Ingles on the right, take a picture of your friend in front of the fountains and then go to the left towards La Caixa and you’ll find Ronda Universitat. Walk all the way down Ronda Universitat. Number 17 is on the right (its a huge door, is NOT labeled as hostel, you press the gold button to ring to the hostel).

Go left when facing these fountains to get to Ronda Universitat!
Go left when facing these fountains to get to Ronda Universitat!


It is in a great location, here are some very accessible things:

1. Plaza Catlunya which includes Metro Catalunya (L3). The green line that Catalunya is on can take you to the funicular (to have a view of Barcelona from the sky), barrio Poble Sec (for some great tapas) and to the Magic Fountain (to see the light show.

2. Metro Universitat (L2). The purple line that leads to the Sagrada Familia. After the Sagrada Familia you can walk to Park Güell…good luck…it’s up…and up some more.

3. The famous “La Rambla”, obviously for taking pictures, browsing the trinkets and looking at the people who are dressed up. La Rambla also leads to the beach!


The beds were comfortable with good blankets

I have slept on many uncomfortable beds while living in Europe and these beds turned out to be relatively great. I was surprised that I got a decent nights sleep. On the reviews on hostel world a few people did complain about the beds, maybe those people who thought these beds were bad have had great luck with hostel beds in the past, for me, these beds were great!


Great WIFI & Apple computers

The WIFI has great signal and there are three FAST computers for communal use! I never had to wait for a computer and the computers had fast internet connection and they were just plain fast. I love updated technology! In reference to the WIFI, it could be that this hostel is kind of small, so the WIFI reaches everywhere, but I was very happy that my phone never had to search for the WIFI and it didn’t lose the signal either! **I wasn’t in the hostel often and didn’t use WIFI for long periods of time, so I am not sure how great it would be for long periods of use**


It has a kitchen and a fridge!

Cook yourself some food!

Fabulous staff

The staff were very friendly and helpful. They have advice for just about anything you need. Plus I think about a million brochures and maps in the hostel to give you even more help. If you need anything from them, just ask.


Now, I know I can’t always be positive so let me share some downfalls of the hostel.

No breakfast included
Rooms are cramped with no sunlight (even during the day)!
Bathrooms aren’t the cleanest, but I have seen way worse!
Lockers are outside of the room…the room is too small to have lockers inside!


Give up passport as collateral for the locker key. Yikes! I don’t stay at many hostels but this is the only place I have had to do this. Made me very uneasy.

These downfalls are honestly not that bad. Just somethings that I noticed, they didn’t bother me too much but still noticeable. It would have been nice to have even a basic breakfast, some sunlight in the room during the day (or just some fresh air), and I wouldn’t have minded locking up my own passport instead of trusting it with the staff.

Hope this review helps you when you are in search of a hostel in Barcelona!

Safe Travels,


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