Bikes, Goats & Ensaïmada.

To the tune of around €90, you can fly roundtrip to Palma de Mallorca on RyanAir, and I do recommend it! ESPECIALLY because now RyanAir gives assigned seats on flights, score! This last trip both of my flights made it on time, I think RyanAir must be trying to step up their game and I don’t hate it. When you arrive at PMI airport, you can take a taxi (€20-€25) or bus to wherever you need to get! I would recommend a hostel/hotel near the Plaza de España because it’s well connected (Like all main plazas) and the direct airport bus leaves right from there.

Now, you got to Mallorca, it’s super cute, but what kind of constructive things can you do besides just “dar un paseo”? Let me tell you!

Rent a bike and ride along the bike path:

photo 1
Not an awful view from the bike path.

The easiest thing you can do in Palma is rent a bike for €6 and check out Palma from the bike path. You even get to use the bike all day, well, until 7:30PM. To rent a bike, you can go down into the metro station called Estació Intermodal right off the Plaza de España. They will want to know if you want a bike with gears or without, we took the ones without gears and they worked fabulously, there aren’t really hills in Palma so don’t worry about needing to change gears. Something to take into account is that they do want a €40 deposit when you take out the bikes, this is their collateral if you don’t return with the bikes. They give you back your full €40 when you return the bikes, no muss no fuss. Don’t forget to stop by a local grocery store to pick up something for lunch to eat lunch at the beach! Don’t have a backpack? Don’t worry, your bike comes with a cute basket!


The Serra de Tramuntana is beautiful. It’s more than beautiful, it’s right out of a movie. Adri and I hiked to the Puig de Galatzó. The round trip for us was about 5 hours and although the internet says the round trip is around 4 1/2 hours, and Adri probably could have done it in 4…this girl got a bit tired. In the end, we made it to 1,027 meters, towards the end it didn’t really feel like hiking, it was more like scaling mountains as if we were goats, and we got to see goats too!

During the hike there were plenty of signs to keep us on track, and when there weren’t wooden signs, there were piles of rocks to mark that you are still on the hiking trail, the internet told me they are called cairns. 


I think this beautiful lookout from the highway would have been sufficient enough of a view for me, however, we couldn’t just drive to the coast and take pretty pictures and leave, now could we?

The overlook before we headed up the mountain!
The overlook before we headed up the mountain!

Thus it began, our trek up the mountain! 2hr and 10 minutes, ended up taking about 2 1/2 hours both ways…hehe!

IMG_0506 IMG_0527 IMG_0534

A foggy, but beautiful view from the peak!

So, we headed back down…and to the real world…
IMG_0566 IMG_0598

…to have Telepizza and Ice Cream for dinner…can’t hike for five hours and then have a healthy dinner, that might cause me to actually live a healthy lifestyle, not me friends!


I highly recommend this hike (with plenty of water and a lunch!). If you want to do it, take a very close look at the bus schedule before you go to the mountains, you do NOT want to be stuck an hour from Palma without a way home. We ended up driving to KM 97 of highway Ma-10 and parked at the foot of the mountain to hike up, this drive was about an hour. I imagine the bus ride would be about the same.


The streets that intertwine between Plaza de España and Plaza Mayor are great for taking a stroll and doing some shopping, you will find your typical Spanish trendy stores (Zara, Springfield, Pull & Bear, etc.), as well as boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Hopefully you go at a time that there are sales because there are lots of sweaters and coats on sale (who needs sweaters in Mallorca? No one)…so those of us visiting from Madrid are able to take advantage of these sales!


Try Mallorca’s typical Ensaïmada! This pastry is really just dough with cream in the center and powdered sugar on top. Imagine a Roscón de Reyes with a lighter dough, no hole in the center, no dried fruits on top or surprises inside. Great description, you are welcome, enjoy your ensaïmadas!IMG_0649 IMG_0651 IMG_0653

I hope after reading this, you are planning your trip to Mallorca! If you are, don’t forget a swimsuit, athletic shoes/clothes, sunscreen and a jacket because it gets a bit chilly in the evenings, if you have any questions about my adventures in Mallorca, feel free to ask!



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