Inform Yourself

With this page, I hope to give you easier access to all of my posts, in a more organized way. Enjoy!

About moving abroad..
Get a Visa
Worry about your American cell phone
Decide what goes in your carry-on
Decide what to pack and what not to pack
Think about packing your bag
Seriously, pack your bag.
Leave your “just in case” and “maybe I’ll wear it once” stuff behind!
Money? you need that too.
Get on the plane!
Wait, what do I wear on the plane? Trick: Be comfortable!

About teaching English in Europe…
Check out a normal day in the life of an auxiliar de conversación in Madrid.
Learn more about what auxiliars do!

About learning to live in Europe…
Get a pre-paid cell phone plan
Get your empadronamiento (in Madrid!)
Learn the language
Learn about fútbol
Learn about the metro
Learn about their culture 
Find the bad tapas bars
Find some great tapas bars!
Eat ice cream
Love your city!
Live somewhere!
Show your friends around the city!

About travel in Spain...
Hiking in Sierra de Guadarrama (Madrid)
Sevilla (in September, no I didn’t make it to las Ferias de Abril)
Barcelona (Our hostel)
San Sebastian
Take busses! About ALSA

About travel in Europe…
Ireland (St. Patrick’s Day, 2014)

About my life in Madrid, Spain…
My Spanish (and American) friends learned about Kate’s version of Thanksgiving
I enjoyed Thanksgiving the Thanksgiving garbage strike in Madrid (oh, and it snowed on Thanksgiving in Madrid!)
I cooked homemade macaroni and cheese!
I went to the Holi Run with some friends!
Life really is different in Europe, I swear!